The threat from RANSOMWARE and what to do about it

Thursday, March 23, 2023 18:00 - 19:30 , Club meetings, Luntmakargatan 68, 11351 Stockholm, Sweden

Lars Gezelius

1 in 10 companies will be affected by extortion virus (ransomware) this year - this is how you can protect yourself

The digitalization of society has made cybersecurity essential for almost all companies. There is a widespread perception that small and medium-sized companies are rarely affected. But, many reports in recent years show that these companies are overrepresented as targets and that 1 in 10 companies are affected in any given year, at very high costs.

Historically, there has been a lack of effective protection, but developments in recent years - mainly within AI - have created a technological leap that changes the game. We will talk about what this is and how it works in practice.